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Van 2019 een topjaar maken!

De zoektocht naar nieuwe Unicorns (meer dan een miljard bedrijfswaarde) heeft ongetwijfeld bijgedragen aan een record aantal door private equity ondersteunde overnames in de eerste 6 maanden van dit jaar. Wij helpen door private equity gefinancierde ondernemers met het realiseren van financiële targets en bedrijfsdoelstellingen. Hoe leest u hier. 

The hunt for the next unicorn has spurt a record inflow of private equity funds in the first two quarters of this year. Executive teams must deliver on corporate goals and produce business outcomes that exceed the expectations of their shareholders. Determination and focus is quintessential.  

Working with numerous private equity backed customers, we have summarized the major issues and the underlying challenges executive teams must prioritize to exceed their backers expectations. 

Major issues executive teams must master:  

  • Generate sales that allow the organization to consistently grow and gain market share. 
  • Secure returns from the sales team for reinvesting in the business.
  • Improve ease of doing business for customers to increase market share, customer satisfaction, and grow repeat sales.
  • Gain greater productivity from staff by busting departmental silo and align behaviors with corporate objectives.

How to solve the underlying challenges:  

  • Increased Speed-to-Market
  • More Simplicity
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Increased Sales Efficiency
  • Improved Margin
  • Larger Deal Size
  • Higher Win Rates
  • More Opportunities
  • Improved Sales Effectiveness

Our Sales Enablement solutions play a strategic role in overcoming these challenges. Implementing our Sales Enablement tools has proven to be instrumental in helping our customers to secure optimal results in sales and buying cycles and subsequently exceed the expectations of their backers.   

Key business measures that are impacted by working with our Sales Enablement tools include improved sales accuracy, increased sales efficiency, improved sales effectiveness, larger deal sizes, higher win rates, improved margins, more opportunities, more simplicity, and increased speed-to-market. 

More specifically, by aligning marketing and sales better and keep track of performance during the entire order to cash cycle, many of the underlying challenges that hinder performance against these measures are tackled. For example, if meeting revenue growth goals are dependent on larger average deal sizes, lack of product knowledge and random discounting makes it impossible to meet targets. 

The Sales Enablement solutions we provide to our customers include functions like price configuration tools, product list management, and deal management. These functions (and many more) assist sales teams to put together more compelling quotes for their prospects and better manage discount requests.We have mapped more than a decade learnings and experiences in our detailed How to Guide. Our How to Guide is your roadmap for improving business outcomes and solving your daily challenges.

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