1 augustus

Onderzoek naar sales team efficiency (en 5 bewezen tips!)

De afgelopen maanden hebben wij onderzoek gedaan naar de efficiency van sales teams. Via een online survey hebben wij sales managers gevraagd naar de efficiency van hun teams. De belangrijkste uitkomsten uit het onderzoek hebben we voor je op een rijtje gezet.

  • 60% van de salesteam leden halen hun jaartargets
  • 35% per jaar is het personeelsverloop binnen salesteams
  • 60% van hun tijd in de eerste 12 maanden besteden nieuwe salesteamleden aan het inwerktraject
  • 65% van hun tijd besteden salesteams daadwerkelijk aan klanten
  • 25% van hun tijd besteden salesteams aan zoeken naar informatie en het maken van presentaties 
  • 55% van de door marketing gemaakte content wordt (nagenoeg) niet door salesteams gebruikt 

Kijkend naar de uitkomsten van ons onderzoek zijn er goede mogelijkheden om de efficiency van sales te optimaliseren, en dat hoeft niet complex te zijn. Hier zijn 5 eenvoudige manieren om salesteams beter te laten presteren.   


1. Use
the latest tools

It’s hard
to achieve efficiency when your sales people have to spend a large part of
their time inputting data, creating reports, and finishing other administrative
duties. This takes time away from selling. Reducing time spent on
administrative tasks has a direct impact on the bottom line.

The right
sales enablement tools cut down the time spent on data entry so Sales Teams can
use that time to sell. Technology works to simplify the administrative process.

2. Build
balanced sales teams

Is anyone
underperforming or struggling with the current workload? If so, it may be time
to add members to the team so everyone feels less overwhelmed. Adding more reps
to your team will increase sales efficiently when duties are evenly

When hiring
more sales people, look for people who have excellent time management and
organization skills, and ensure the teams is in balance. For example, if your
closers aren’t selling enough because they’re working on creating presentations
and inputting data, consider hiring a junior sales rep or sales assistant to
take care of these tasks. A well-oiled sales team, with the right team members,
will improve sales efficiency.

3. Align
sales and marketing

sales and marketing is one of the best things you can do to increase your Sales
Team’s efficiency. Though these two teams are often on their own islands,
working alone, they have a lot more in common than you think. When they work
together to share data intelligence, content, and customer questions and
complaints, Sales Teams sell more efficiently because it will have the right
information and content.

4. Make
sure the sales process is crystal clear

processes can be overengineered to the point where it’s too complicated to
understand. A standardized process defines how to approach and work with
customers to close sales. When the process is overly complex, sales reps will
be unsure about how to approach customers and clients.

Make sure a
trial and error way of working is avoided at all costs. Sales teams work at
their best (and this will surely be reflected in their collective performance!)
when they have clearly defined steps. The right data, meeting preparation,
training, and communication among the sales team members will make all steps of
the sales process clear, so sales people won’t waste time on ineffective

Communicate, communicate and communicate

ask sales reps for feedback to get a better understanding of areas that need
improvement or what parts of the process can be abandoned completely.

Sales teams
 know what is wasting their time. Ask the
team, where they’re wasting time and resources. Ask them where processes could
be improved and which tools or strategies could help them have more time to
sell. No two sales organizations are alike. What increases efficiency in one
company will be ineffective in another. Look to the sales team for answers, and
ensure to implement the changes needed, whether it’s doing away with weekly
meetings or adding another system in place that’s currently missing. Make it