Meetbare klantvoordelen met sales enablement tools

Niks is mooier als klanten aangeven dat de behaalde resultaten van het werken met onze sales enablement oplossingen, hun verwachting overtreffen. Gisteren werden wij in dit opzicht positief verrast door een van onze klanten.

Our customer, a leading construction company, is experiencing solid growth on the back of strong market demand. This momentum has attracted new entrants which has led to fierce competition. Now, 18 months in our partnership, we met yesterday for a review meeting. 

At the start of our partnership the customer brief was crystal clear: we want our salespeople to be more effective and efficient whenever and wherever. 

With this brief we set out to develop a customer specific sales enablement solution that supported salespeople to deliver visual, interactive experiences, allowing their buyers to have superior and instant experiences. 

The sales enablement solution we implemented has helped our customer to strengthen their competitive position in many ways. It helped to:

  • filter and identify warm leads and dead leads 
  • improve the customer buying experience
  • optimize the return on the marketing content   

All resulting in returns for both marketing and sales. Returns driven by increased productivity, improved information accuracy, reduced overhead expense, greater sales revenue, increased customer satisfaction and retention, reduced selling cycle times, created more compelling engagements with customers, reduced workforce training time while improving training effectiveness, and more. 

Two areas in particular where benefits were achieved, being: increased productivity and decreased marketing waste.

Increased sales productivity

Data revealed that our customer’s salespeople used to spend 26 hours per month searching for and recreating content. Based on that information, a simple calculation showed what the cost per sales rep of that decreased productivity was: annually 39 days per sales rep were lost. 

Our customer specific sales enablement solution helped immensely to organize and manage content  delivery to the salespeople, reducing the time they spend on searching for relevant content with over 87%.   

Decreased marketing waste

Our customer’s marketing team invests a significant portion of their time and budget on content creation. However data revealed that 52% of a the content created was not presented to potential buyers, reducing the chance of closing the deal by 45%.  

Our customer specific sales enablement solution allowed the marketing team to track content usage, and link content usage to specific deals closed. The insights generated were used to recommend the right content for a salesperson to share with a prospect. And more relevant content presented to  prospects turned into more deals.

These are just two of the areas our sales enablement platforms helped our customer to make  quantifiable difference to their bottom line.