win back

Heeft u al een klant win-back strategie?

Klanten verliezen is niet te
voorkomen. Een verloren klant betekent niet het einde van de relatie. Als juist
wordt omgegaan met het afwikkelen van de klantrelatie, dan markeert het
afscheidsmoment het begin van een nieuwe fase in de klantrelatie: het
terugwinnen van de klant. Lees hier over de 4 noodzakelijke stappen om klanten
terug te winnen.  

To say wining back lost customers is important,
is the understatement of the year. Applying well thought through win-back
strategies is essential. With an average 25% of revenues coming from top 3
customers, wining back lost customers quickly becomes nothing short of an necessity.   

Winning back a lost customer requires a
different approach than acquiring a new one. For one thing, previous customers
will have prior experience, knowledge, and long-held assumptions about the people
and capabilities they dealt with.  Equally,
you as a supplier have a basis for judging if that customer is worth pursuing.

From our experience we found that customer win-back champions follow a similar pattern. First of all they identify the reasons for the initial cancelation, than they apply ample cost-benefit analysis, next they have an honest conversation with the lost customer, and last but not least, they go all-in to accommodate for specific requirements of won-back customer.

  1. Reasons for cancelation.

    The first step in the win-back process is to identify the reason why the relationship ended. Some buyer-supplier relationships have contractual end-points (e.g., projects scheduled for a specified period). Others may simply fade away due to a lack of attention. Pricing pressures, alteration of product specifications, or changes in ownership are also factors.

    Analysis needs to include who or what was responsible for the decision. It also needs to be ruthlessly descriptive, not prescriptive, focusing on what happened, not what should have happened.

  2. Cost-benefit analysis.

    All customers are not equal and not all relationships are worth re-establishing. Therefore, before you re-connect with a previous customer, weigh the costs of winning them back against the benefits.

  3. Interactive dialogue.

    Though your business case may look good on paper, people are the ultimate deciders. To really understand the reasons behind the initial contract cancelation, a open discussions with all involved is a prerequisite.

    Knowing who does what, where, how and at what levels is imperative for successful a successful customer win-back. Therefore input from operational level, middle management, and with top management is required.

  4. Accommodate specific requirements.

    When you want to win-back a lost customer, you obviously must offer a better deal than the current supplier. This may require modification of processes, administrative routines, and / or systems. Being unable or unwilling to make these changes to accommodate the ‘new’ customer, negatively impacts your customer win-back efforts.     

It is not uncommon that sales teams tasked with customer win-back strategies fear that lost customers will judge harshly and irrevocably, but in many circumstances, correcting a past mistake generates a more positive impression (if the mistake is not repeated) than never making a mistake in the first place.

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